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It is the expertise of our mentor, which has helped us in making commendable range and attaining tremendous success in the industry. We started our company in the year 1978 for many years we remain the only tannery at Auranagbad (Maharastra) and then our firm built its production set up in the year 1981.

We got tremendous popularity in the world with the commencement of our production set up of the best lining leather. It also helped us in getting Certificates of Merit from the State Government of Maharashtra. We also secured our place in the hearts of customers by winning awards from the committee of Outstanding Export Performance Awards from the year 1981-1988.

Our company abides the industry laws and as prohibited by the German Legislation, we do not use any dyes or any pigments that contain aromatic amines during the processing of finished leather. We also do not treat our finished leather  or any of its derivatives as is forbidden under the U.S. Federal Insecticide, Fungicide And Rodenticide Act.

Our History

  • 1986: In this year when exporting White Lining Leather was banned; we started production of Finished Leather Sheep.
  • 1989 to 2001: Our company started producing leather at 3,00,000 Sq ft per month; received Certificates of Merit and Outstanding Export Performance Awards from The State Government Of Maharashtra.
  • 1996-1997: Rated No. 6 in List Of Top Exporters in The Western Region; company exports to many countries.
Our tannery is built on 65 acres of land and it has a modern Effluent Treatment Plant. The one fact which brings tremendous popularity to is that in our tannery, waste water is reused. This helps in maintaining zero emission of effluent. At the tannery, we also grow fruits like Bananas, Coconuts, Guava, Papayas, and Sweet Limes, along with Wheat and Maize. These are cultivated using conventional as well as modern farming methodologies.

How We Process Leather for Leather Products

Raw Stage

Our company procures authentic Rawskins from Deonar Slaughter House which is located in Mumbai. The sourced animals skin are then passed through series of quality exams that are conducted by the experts at our Godown in Dharavi, Mumbai. These skins are salted right away and are re-salted after eight hours to make them less susceptible to decomposition. Then, these skins are forwarded to our Tannery, where the process started by soaking the Sheepskin in drums. Currently, the tannery owns 14 drums for the soaking process. The soaking, liming and many other processing tasks of the skins are done in these Drums. This is done by using imported chemicals, dyes, and auxiliaries. After this, the skins are made into their colored crust and then they are shaved, Dry Milled and toggled.

Finishing Stage

The chosen crust is pigmented and then is reshaved, milled, Toggled and finiflexed at the required temperature.

Selection Stage

Batches that are to be offered to the customers are are selected by our Managing Director and Executive Director. Once the select the varieties and batches, the skins are measured electronically and packed into packages of 1500 Sq ft for export.

Bye Product:- Wool for making Carpet Yarn.


We have 55 Acres of land, where we have built 2 Warehouses for Lease.